Club Dinghy Racing Instructions (Revised April 2016)

Dinghy Racing Instructions:
The events will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing(RRS),the prescriptions of the ISA, the rules of each appropriate class,these sailing instructions and any amendments thereto.
All competitors shall abide by the RRS as underlined in part one section 3, whereby each competitor agrees:
(A) to be governed by the rules,
(B) to except the penalties imposed and other actions taken on the rules (C) with respect to any such determination, not to resort to any court of law for tribunal

2. Alteration to Sailing Instructions
In amendment to RRS 88.2(c)alterations may be made during the race.Any such alterations will be posted on the notice board in CYC Clubhouse and will take effect not earlier than 30 mins after they are alteration to RRS 25 and Race Signals International Code Flag L will not be displayed and no sound signal will be made.

All boats with a PY handicap number will be eligible to enter

4. Handicaps
Portsmouth Yardstick handicap numbers shall be used as specified in RYA Technical section. The Race Committee reserves the right to alter PY numbers for boats that do not comply with class rules.

5. Safety
Personal buoyancy will be worn at all times when afloat. Wet and dry suits are not acceptable as substitutes.
Dinghies shall carry at all times an adequate towing rope at least 3 meters long attached to a strong point.

6. Starting Times and Signals
Starting times will be advised by email for each race but if not then the starting time for each race will be:-
1355 hrs. 5 minute signal Flag F displayed
1356 hrs. 4 minute signal Flag P displayed
1359 hrs. 1 minute signal Flag P removed
1400 hrs. Starting signal Flag F removed

7.Starting Line – Any alteration to this instruction will be communicated verbally before the start of the race.
River – The starting line will between a red and white mark on the Club balcony and a white post on the West Bank of the river.
Sea Portrush – The starting line will between the red light structure on Portrush Harbour North pier and an orange buoy in the bay.
Sea Portstewart – The starting line will between the end of the North pier of Portstewart harbour and an orange buoy in the bay.
These shall be the start lines unless previously stated by the race committee

8.Finishing Line
Boats will finish by crossing the line in the same direction in which they started.
Any alteration to this instruction will be communicated verbally before the start of the race.

The course will be communicated verbally before the start of each race.

Scoring will be by RRS Appendix A
When 7 or more races are sailed in a series there will be 2 discards. If less than 7 races sailed there will be one discard.

Each participating boat will be insured for Third Party risks for a minimum indemnity of £2 million.

12.Decision to race
Rule 4 of the RRS states that the decision to race is that of the boat and hers alone therefore CYC it’s officers and race committee accepts no responsibility for any such decision.

All Protests shall comply with part five of the RRS.
All protests shall be made in writing within one and a half hours of coming ashore unless special dispensation is given by the race committee.
Every protest shall be held before a protest committee of three persons (unless arbitration has been agreed upon by both parties), these persons may be drawn from the competitors with permission from the parties involved, this is contrary to rule 63.4.
Contrary to rule 63.3 part (A) any person may listen to the protest, however no one shall speak unless there called as a witness or if they are part of the protest committee.